Freedom of open source

What is open source? Open source is defined as software in which the source code is freely available to the public for modification and redistribution under a general public license. O’Reilly has an excellent definition of what open source is.

Why open source? We look at three areas of open source software. First, is reliability. Due to its open nature, open source software is constantly monitored by the community and bugs are fixed within hours of detection. Second is cost. Most open source software are available free of fees and royalties. This in turn reduces cost of implementation. The third is flexibility. Many open source software solutions are community supported and are not locked to a single vendor. This means that the business is not locked into a certain platform or vendor. This freedom will allow the business to retain the right to use the software.

How do I implement open source software? While the source code is available to download, the challenge is to find the right company with the knowledge to assist you with implementation. That’s where Websolsys comes in. We bring over 12 years of experience in open source programming to you.

Our knowledge along with our experience is an invaluable asset to your company. Not only will we assist your company with getting your web initiative started, we will offer guidance and services to help you increase your web presence and open up another revenue stream for your business.

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Random Tips

If you plan to include sound into your site, do include a way to stop it. After a while, it will get annoying and may turn customers away from your site