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Luxxemen.com caters to trendy men’s attire. The client wanted a complete e-commerce system which will integrate with a local payment gateway and needed this up and running as quickly as possible. Websolsys Solutions was not only able to meet their expectations and exceed it, but we were able to complete it within the time frame.

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The client sells elegant handmade jewelry and wanted a site that showcased their products. We chose to design the site with a clean look to give it a simple yet elegant feel. The site is e-commerce capable and was built using the Magento E-commerce system. This E-commerce system is an open-source platform and is PHP-based. It contains many powerful features that our client needed while keeping the project within the budget.


Crush Mixed Martial Arts

Crush Mixed Martial Arts or CrushMMA was looking for a fresh, new look for their web site. Their requirements included easy-to-use back office that gave them the ability to manage the pages themselves. They also wanted a photo gallery to showcase the different martial art practices at their school. Websolsys was able to provide them with a simple solution to their needs at a relatively low cost.

Lion Hotel

Lion Hotel

Lion Hotel located in the town of Bagansiapiapi on the island of Sumatera, Indonesia. The client required a simple website for their guests to submit their reservation requests. It was a straight forward design project with some elements of scripting to increase the functionality and the aesthetic quality of the site.

Past Projects
Tagenda Scheduling

Tagenda Scheduling

Anyone who has studied in the US has probably created a schedule of their classes for the coming semester and realized quickly how tedious this process is. This system was created to address that issue. The user enters the list of classes and the system will calculate and display a series of non-conflicting course schedules based on the selection. The course database used was based off of a past semester schedule of Wichita State University, KS.

Our Recent Clients

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