Color theory for web designing

by Theditor on Jan.29, 2010, under General News

Ever wonder why companies use certain colors for their site? Is it just happenstance or does the colors have a deeper meaning to it. Take this site for instance. is primarily white with blue accents. The white gives the site a clean look while the blue represents calmness and responsibility. This gives Websolsys Solutions a professional feeling and comes across as stable and reliable. Red and light yellow is used in contrast to draw the reader’s attention to action areas of the page.

This brings me to ask… how do you want your website to represent your company?

Smashing Magazine has an interesting article on the meaning of colors in graphic design. It goes through the primary and secondary colors and provides meaningful interpretation and lists some examples. This is very useful when you want to choose colors for your company logo, website and stationery. For further reading, click here to go to the article

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